The Designers

The dynamic duo of Rizman Nordin and Ruzaini Jamil began their amazing journey together as students in the Fashion Department workshops in Malaysia two decades ago. They discovered each other, displaying their flair and panache for making outstanding designs early on. Their contemporaries and educators often recollect how ambition was the main driving force for the pair's outstanding performance as young designers, seeing them boldly stepping into the limelight from the get-go by working together with their idols from the stage and silver screens, a relationship that they have maintained to this day.

The Brand

The Rizman Ruzaini brand made a serious entry into the Malaysian industry in 2005, with humble beginnings not too dissimilar to many a fashion upstart. Over the years, the duo poured all their devotion into the brand by focusing on several key areas, particularly in creating signature silhouettes that are instantly recognizable as well as an unrivaled attention to fine details, superior materials, and class-leading workmanship. Today, each garment that passes through the gilded doors of the Rizman Ruzaini boutique is distinctly special in design and intricately crafted by highly skilled in-house artisans. Only the best fabrics and embellishments are used to deliver the utmost satisfaction to every customer.